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L&L Arms is a contracted training company with Best Defense Armory & Range formally known as Lakes Trading Co. We offer a variety of courses from Basic Handgun to Advanced Carry Courses. The shop is open  with the range opening in the spring of 2020. L&L Arms will provide all the firearms and tactical training at the facility. Look forward to seeing and sharing more information with everyone soon!

MN Permit to Carry Class

Family owned in Wyoming and operating in surrounding, and throughout the twin cities, MN. L&L Arms is an organization that puts training and safety on the same level. We feel that you need to be able to be highly proficient in the way that you handle a firearm while at the same time being the safest you can at all times. We are a family owned company and know what it feels like to have loved ones that we want to protect and never lose. Having the right to carry a firearm safely to protect ourselves and our family is the utmost importance. Through our permit to carry course we aim to not only teach the legal requirements that the State of Minnesota mandates, but improve the shooting skills and performance of all skills levels whether you're a beginner or experienced shooter. One last thing we strive to provide is we never make anyone feel as if there is a stupid question, a question not asked is a mistake made outside the classroom, so ask away and if we don't know we will find the answer. 

                                                                            MN Permit to Carry

 With Florida Permit Added

What our customers are saying

Instructor was professional, funny, and highly detailed when it comes to firearms training and safety. I would recommend them to anyone that is looking to get their permit to carry!

Timothy Murry- Satisfied Customer